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September 23, 2009


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I love the Lily Bunny, very cute! But true, can be confusing as what is being sold, and if it will be sold on the site... Maybe if *you* make a bunny as a mascot for your site (and somehow, in the header or somewhere on your Etsy site, make it clear that it is your mascot...), that could model the jewelry and "hold" stuff... or would that be to cute?

Oooo! I definitely like the "just right" pic! Good background color and the necklace really pops (in a good way)! And the branch is lovely! (Don't you love how great ideas sometimes come in the middle of night after you get some sleep?)



What a beautiful necklace!

natalie jo

A brilliant example of "if at first you don't succeed...!" What a great solution to your photo delimma...that last photo is wonderful.Thanks so much for the link to the Mary Frances doll. I also looked up her other books and was amazed at the number of them...have now officially started my Christmas list! Most Fondly, natalie jo


Teresa - I am trying to do that with the vintage bunny graphic on the banner on this page, but he isn't very good at holding things! LOL!

Suzanne - Thank you so much!

Natalie Jo - I am so glad you found the other books. I think the sewing one is best, with the housekeeping one being the second best. It comes with a whole set of paper dollhouse furniture to make and set up to make a household!

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