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September 19, 2009


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Hello! Your comment on my blog was very moving! Are you also most comfortable in your own created world? I am so happy to find that you have a blog as well. Your art is just so beautiful. There are layers that are revealed upon second and third glances. I think your studio shot is so sweet because creative people will find a spot no matter the location - mine is in a closet! Again, thank you for your block! Elizabeth


Thank you, you are so sweet when your work is so amazing and cute!

The good part about my craft room is that I can easily keep up on the laundry and it is nice and warm in winter! LOL!


I love the craft room mess. Make me realize that my sister is not TOTALLY perfect. :-)


I love your humor and even more I appreciate your honesty and posting the reality of your studio! While so many blogger present beautiful "Martha Stewart" quality of their homes and studios I take great joy and a sense of kinship in those who present reality and make me feel it is acceptable to be human.
ka LiBBy BuTTons
P.S. Adore those clothes pin dolls!

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