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January 16, 2010


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Meri Wiley

I'm pretty sure you're going to finish on time, as you seem to be on a mission. You certainly were blessed in your doll haul, only a $1??? I just can't seem to find deals like that out here in Arizona, very rare. I'm looking forward to your house being done...will there be a housewarming party? I've always loved miniatures and doll houses, but with my disability it's too hard to work in miniature anymore. My hands don't always do what I want them to, so I'm lucky I get the crafts done that I do. Best of luck and I'll be back to check your progress.


Your new dolls and the doll house look so fun! Your doll house floor is a tiny version of what we just installed in our bathroom, neat!

Sandy McClay

I just love the posts about your doll house, can I ask, where did you get that lovely floor???? It would be so cut in my little cottage I am going to build. I have no idea where you find things like that floor! Thanks!

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