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February 15, 2010


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Hi Jane~
I have just finished reading all of your posts about your dollhouse and the work you have been doing to rehab it! I am so impressed with your skills and abilities! In my basement sits a dollhouse that my father built for my daughter when she was 7 or 8 (she is 37 now). It has been unloved and neglected for so long, although it has survived several moves between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Some shingles and some clapboards have come off and I have no idea where the furniture is (It wasn't good stuff)but you are inspiring me to take off the sheet that covers it and try my hand at restoration. Everything you've done you've done meticulously and you can see the house becoming a home. I especially love the wing chair, (my favorite style)ottoman and kitchen table and of course, all of the tiny accessories! Thank you for sharing the progress with us Jane. I am really enjoying this! Good luck with your planned business venture, too. It sounds like you have some good goals, professionally and personally. Bravo!


The dollhouse is amazing! I just want to move right in. Of course, my favorites are the spinning wheel and lamb.

The business stuff is hard work. We are doing well for a second month on HOH, but I feel like I am stitching my fingers off. Good luck on E'belish.


That dollhouse is a work of art. Really amazing.


Thank you so much for sharing your dollhouse pictures, it's fascinating! That kitchen is amazing, I love it! The electricity you had to re-wire, are there a lot of lamps that work? Is there any way you could take a picture with them on? I hope Sunday comes soon so you can work on other rooms to share with us! And best wishes for your new business!


Joyce - I really hope you pull the dollhouse out and work on it. There are so many ways you can do one. I also love the style E is doing at Creative Breathing. If you would like any tips or help, just drop me a note. I am happy to share the knowledge gained the hard way! *grin*

Beth - I thought those two things would be your favorite, in fact I did that corner as sort of a tribute to you. You are an amazing sister and I love you so much!

Jenny - Thank you so much for your kind works and taking the time to visit.

Lisa - I must confess that once I re-wallpapered and then installed all the outlets, they worked, and then suddenly they stopped working in the living room. *sigh* I am not sure what happened, but hopefully I can figure out something. I am not in a mood to strip down to bare wood again. I should be able to do light in the kitchen and upstairs still, as those connections still seem to be working.

jenny b harris

Your dollhouse is fantastic! I love the zinc-topped table you made. I have that same stove!


Jenny - Wouldn't it be fun to have a life sized table like that? Did you mean you have a dollhouse stove like mine, or a real life sized stove? If you have a real one, does it still work? That would be wonderful to have!

Dominic Mccory

How's your E'Bellish by now and your bro-in-law's website? Were you able to design it? There are tons of ways he can improve its SEO, like making relative articles about his products or services. My daughter is fond of dollhouses since she was little. Her first dollhouse was the one I bought in Calgary during my business trip. i hope to get to visit your website soon. And good luck!

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